Assessment for speech, language and hearing disorders in children and adults

Detect SPEECH DISORDERS early on and find a solution

Early indicators

  • No response to name call by 6-8 months
  • Does not smile at family members by 4-6 months
  • Lack of use of one or two meaningful words by 15 months (E.g.: Amma, Car, Tata)
  • Does not form 3 word grammatical sentences by 3 years
  • Repeats questions instead of answering them
  • Stammers as early as 2.5 years
  • Speech is not clear to strangers by the age of 3 years 

You could have a major effect in your kid’s life by recognizing a problem in the early years. Treatment can help and fundamentally diminish the effect of the problem and set your youngster on the way of conveying obviously.

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Our assessment answers several questions that you may have

There are many reasons there is a defer in a kid beginning to talk. We don’t advocate the ‘stand by and watch’ strategy; all things considered, we suggest discourse language and hearing evaluation. guardians are confounded at whatever point there is delay by family and family members prompt, “you can definitely relax , he is a kid “, “young men talk late” or my cousin talked late and today he is a designer . There is extraordinary fluctuation in discourse improvement among youngsters and thus its normal for the disarray. We prescribe an assessment as its smarter to distinguish early . Early ID decreases the time and exertion expected to conquer the problem and allows the kid a superior opportunity in working on his correspondence. It forestall conduct issues and profound issues as well.

Our discourse language and hearing appraisal includes something other than the kid’s talking abilities assessment. We cover other significant angles like figuring out, play abilities, interactive abilities and engine advancement.

During the evaluation, a blend of a parental meeting and direct testing (evoking discourse tests by showing pictures, and so on) of the youngster’s discourse and language is utilized to figure out the explanations behind the deferral. This additionally assists us with perceiving the meaning of the postponement to suggest treatment.