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What is ABA: Applied Behavior Analysis.

ABA is the Science of understanding and improving Socially acceptable behavior.
In shorter term, ABA is the Science of changing behavior.

What is Behavior

Anything a person does is a behavior.

What is Behavior Analysis:

Behavior is Analyzed through 3 term contingency.
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(Before Behavior)
[This is what occurs right before the target Behavior]


Present Response form
(All kinds of Behavior that child deals)


This is what comes directly after the Behavior


If I communicate with a child like

What is your Name

My Name is ROHIT

Nice to meet you

Here my question was the Antecedent, ROHIT’S answer was the Behavior, and my praise that is was nice to meet you, was the consequences

How Behavior occurs with Reinforcer or without reinforce

The antecedent is always the thing that precipitates or comes immediately before the behavior. The behavior can either be positive or negative. The consequence can also be positive or negative

A positive three-term contingency is asking a child to touch his nose (A), the child touches his nose (B), the child receives his favorite toy. (C).

A negative example would be, you say, “Do the puzzle” (A), the child falls to the floor and screams (B), and the parent withdraws the request and says, “Oh, I guess you’re not in the mood to do the puzzle” (C).

Here my question was the Antecedent, ROHIT’S answer was the Behavior, and my praise that is was nice to meet you, was the consequences

In the first example we see that the child is likely to follow directions again because he or she enjoys the preferred Toy. However, in the second example we see that the child probably learned that by throwing himself on the ground or screaming, the request was withdrawn. That’s how negative behaviors increase.

Why ABA therapy ?

Applied behavior analysis involves many strategies for understanding and changing behavior.
Positive reinforcement is one of the main strategies used in ABA.

Positive reinforcement:

It is a procedure of using a reinforcer to increase the rate of a positive behavior.


A reinforcer is any event that follows a behavior and increases the rate of that behavior.


We all remember the high praise we have gotten in our lives like if we have own the first prize for the school level dance competition or we got first position in school, then we probably discovered that once we received this praise, we wanted to continue to do things that would get us more praise, wanted to perform better, work better.

Simply put, the rewards of our actions reinforced our determination and made our good behavior increase in the future.

Everyone responds to reinforcement, weather it is ‘well done’ for a Job, or simply a salary at the end of a work month. We work because we get paid. We are polite to get a smile from a customer, we volunteer because we feel good helping others.

Children- even developmentally delayed children are no different. When they are rewarded for behaviors, they will respond positively. The rewards are called reinforcers and they are probably the most powerful tool that we will have in helping our child with autism to learn.


The fact is that, children with autism use behavior as a language for their communication.

Once we learn the language of their behaviors, we will be able to employ strategies to decrease the problem behaviors and increase good behaviors. In shorter term UNTIL WE UNDERSTAND THEIR’S, THEY AREN’T GOING TO USE OURS.

Why Language is so Important?

Language is the most significant aspect of human behavior. Language allows us to communicate with one another, express our feelings, let our needs be known, form meaningful relationships, respond to what others say, and better understand the world around us. Language also constitutes the basis of education, knowledge, intelligence, thinking, and social behavior. In short, language is the cornerstone of human behavior. It should come as no surprise, then, that if a child fails to acquire language in a typical manner, he or she will face serious developmental and social difficulties.

          Language delays and disorders constitute the hallmark of autism. These delays and disorders then have a direct impact on a host of other important skills such as intellectual and social behaviors. Thus, the most important aspect of any intervention program for a child with autism is the early development of effective communication skills.

The Benefits of ABA Therapy for Children with Autism

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